Write Once, Scale Anywhere

Glasgow Meeting 2016

This week (May 2016) the AnyScale team convened in Glasgow for productive sharing sessions and discussions on the future course for the project.

Team members from Manchester, Edinburgh, and Glasgow presented their recent advances on work related to the project.


Lunch, and the obligatory team photo, were followed by in-depth discussions on more potential short-term collaborations and the future course for defining and demonstrating the AnyScale vision.

Manchester Meeting

The AnyScale team met at the University of Manchester for two days in October 2015 to discuss ongoing work. Manchester presented their research on adapting to many different scales by targeting OpenCL through Java, work that has recently attention in the press. The Edinburgh team updated us on the adaptation and modelling of ROS systems for multiple platforms, and Glasgow gave an overview of four projects focusing on adapting run-time systems for AnyScale computing.

Obligatory team photo:


AnyScale Team Meeting 2014

On Monday 8th December 2014 AnyScale team members met at the University of Glasgow for a day of presentations and discussion.

Callum Cameron, PhD Student at Glasgow, gave a demonstration of AnyScale concepts with a demonstration of face-tracking in ROS. The system dynamically offloads its processing to the Raspberry Pi Cloud.


 Dynamic ROS Node graph, showing nodes starting on the Pi Cloud to execute face recognition.



 Webcam preview, showing the face recognition running between the laptop and Raspberry Pi Cloud.

IMG_0180Obligatory team photo!